How long is my (piece of) string?

There’s no built-in module in Pipes that can count the number of characters in a string/element, and in the past I hadn’t been able to come up with a way to do this. But recently I hit on this method, which may be the strangest way you’ll ever see this function implemented.

In the right hand path of the Split module the Regex module replaces each character by “1,”. There is no significance to the 2 characters used.

the String Tokenizer splits the string into separate items using the second character of the replacement string, the comma in this case. All that is left then is to get a count of the elements and insert that figure into the Item Builder that is in the path on the left.

This pipe needs to be used as a sub-pipe. If the routine is used in a main pipe the String Tokenizer will produce a set of items based on the sum of the strings for all of the main items. Since it’s used as a sub-pipe it means that there is a limit of roughly 2,000 characters for the string.


One Response to “How long is my (piece of) string?”

  1. Jeremy Gollehon Says:

    Awesome work. Thanks Piper.

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