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The YQL module and JSON output

May 19, 2010

YQL has certain problems with JSON output, and these problems can be reflected in the output of the YQL module in Pipes (which uses the YQL JSON output). These problems can sometimes be avoided by using a YQL query via a Fetch Data module.

Here’s an example pipe that show the difference.


Here are some details of the first item obtained using the Fetch Data module.


What we get using the YQL module is

As you can see, we have lost the content from the "content" element.

We can see that this is not an issue with Pipes by looking at a comparison between the XML and JSON output in the YQL console.

The XML output gives us

while the JSON output gives us


My preference is to go with the Fetch Data module from the beginning.

Update: The issue for this feed has now been fixed. I’m still staying with my preferred approach