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Pipes and the new Twitter id format

October 20, 2010

Twitter will soon be changing the format of the Tweet ID element.

To see if this change would affect Pipes I set up a simple test Pipe.

In the results from the test pipe the id element should have the same value as the id_str element. This is obviously not the case.

At this stage it’s not clear whether or not the Pipes team can/will make changes to correct the id value, so at this stage the options are:

  1. Wait and see what happens.
  2. Change your pipes to use the string version of the id.

The important dates for the id change are

  1. October 22 – String versions of the id start appearing (whatever that might mean).
  2. November 4 – Ids will increase to ~41 bits.
  3. November 26 – Ids are increased to the full 64 bits.

Oh, and as for YQL